AURORA, Colo. (KKTV) – Sunday marked one year since Elijah McClain was taken off of life support, following an interaction with police and paramedics a few days earlier.

a group of people walking down a street: Protesters march from Aurora to Denver.

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Protesters march from Aurora to Denver.

That day, protesters took to the streets to make their voice heard for him and others who have died at the hands of police. Demonstrations were on bikes an on foot protesters demanded justice for those killed at the hands of police in Denver and surrounding areas.

It may have been a year but the push for justice continues. Droves of people showed up to an Aurora event called “March Against Racism” with Elijah McClain among the people they were marching for.

“This is a serious matter. This is no game. So people, all of y’all–take this seriously,” one man said.

One of the names you have probably heard a lot in the past year: Elijah McClain. He died after a run in with police and paramedics last year. His story has since captured national attention, after he was stopped, sedated, hospitalized and later taken off life support.

“My name is Elijah McClain! That’s not what I was doing! I was going home! I’m an introvert and I am different,” he can be heard saying in body camera footage from police.

Now, Gov. Jared Polis has ordered an investigation into his death, the City of Aurora is also doing an internal investigation as McClain’s family filed a civil rights lawsuit earlier this month.

Too much force; something protesters say is too common for law enforcement.

“Police brutality, racism within the force, it’s disgusting and we are so sick of it. You messed with the wrong generation,” one protester said through a megaphone.

The City of Aurora is also reviewing their use of Ketamine, the drug that McClain was given by paramedics.

So far there have been no arrests in his death.

Click here to view documents shared by the Aurora Police Department, including the autopsy report.

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