PROVIDENCE, RI — Providence police again sent a bold statement to the public: the city will not tolerate the illegal riding of ATVs and dirt bikes. A total of 33 confiscated vehicles were destroyed in a public event with city and police leaders.

This is not the first time the department has destroyed confiscated items: in 2019, 27 ATVs and dirt bikes were publicly crushed.

Police have had the ability to confiscate the vehicles, which many consider to be a noise issue and a nuisance, since 2017, when the Providence City Council passed an ordinance giving them the authority.

“I am proud of this collaborative effort to rid our roadways of illegal ATVs and motorbikes,” said Councilor Jo-Ann Ryan, the majority leader. “[This] event is proof that an ordinance that I helped shepherd through as a freshman Councilor is working to improve the quality of life for our residents. I want to thank the brave men and women of the Providence police force for working so diligently to rid our community of these nuisance-causing vehicles.”

All 33 vehicles, which were various makes and models of ATVs and dirt bikes, were confiscated from the streets of Providence and deemed property of the city by the municipal court. Police “continue actively working to rid these dangerous and illegal vehicles from the streets,” the department said.

“This event sends out a strong message that Providence Police will continue their efforts to rid all dangerous and illegal vehicles from our streets,” Commissioner of Public Safety Steven Paré said. “Individuals who engage in this unlawful activity will have their vehicles confiscated by police, and in some cases destroyed, ensuring they will not be back on the streets and in the hands of those who intend to violate the law and cause a serious danger to the community.”

Residents can report illegal vehicles to the department by calling the ATV hotline: 401-680-8ATV (401-680-8288).