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Transportation shapes our communities and our everyday lives. Access to reliable transit, safe biking and walking connections, and streets and highways where traffic flows allows us to reach our jobs, schools and families. It connects us to the goods and services we depend on and helps keep nature and recreation opportunities within reach.

The Regional Transportation Plan is a blueprint to guide investments for all forms of travel – motor vehicle, transit, bicycle and walking – and the movement of goods and freight throughout the Portland metropolitan region. The plan identifies current and future transportation needs, investments needed to meet those needs and what funds the region expects to have available to over the next 25 years to make those investments a reality.

From June 2015 to Dec. 2018, Metro worked with local, regional and state partners and the public to update the region’s shared vision and strategy for investing in the transportation system for the next 25 years. 

The Regional Transportation Plan and these supporting strategies and modal plans guide planning and investment decisions:

To build these plans and strategies, we need to fund them. As the metropolitan planning organization for the greater Portland region, Metro receives federal funding to help pay for projects that allow for a greater focus on local priorities and innovative solutions to address regional transportation challenges.
Learn about regional flexible funding for transportation projects

Additionally, Metro is working with partners across the region to help shape a regional transportation funding measure that could go before voters in November 2020.
Learn about the transportation funding measure

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