Drivers, start your engines but make sure you’re six feet apart.

The Rod and Custom car show is set for Friday evening this year. It’s one of the few events still happening at this year scaled-down Oregon Trail Days.

The 2020 show was moved up by an hour and will start at 4 p.m. and run till 8 p.m., according to event organizer Mike Minzey. While the change wasn’t updated online at the time this article was published, Minzey said he decide to move it up because the event was later in the year.

As for COVID-19 precautions, Minzey said they would enforce social distancing but not face coverings. He said the event would take up more space in Gering this year, to allow for social distancing. Car shows are allowed, according to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

“We are going to do whatever social distancing we can do,” Minzey said.

Minzey said they would not enforce mask because he didn’t think he could enforce it.

“We’d appreciate masks, but we can’t enforce it really,” Minzey said.

Minzey, who’s been running the event for nearly a decade, said that those wishing to enter their cars in the show should set up no sooner than 3 p.m. He emphasized this point.

“We get some people down here as early as 12 because they want the shade of the courthouse,” Minzey said. “At that time of the da,y it’s still a city street and they’re illegally parked.”

Minzey wanted to avoid any cars being towed.

The car show has been running for 16 years, since 2004. In a typical year, the show sees around 80 entries, according to Minzey. This year, he said he didn’t know how many cars to expect.

“We may not have many because of people not wanting to get out. We may have a lot because people want to get out,” Minzey said. “I don’t know which way it’s going to go.”

He said they were planning on an average-sized show.

“The way we do ours, it’s very laid back,” Minzey said.