We also must look for accountability within the school system. It is unacceptable that thousands of students may begin the year with no laptop. Superintendent Jason Kamras makes $250,000 a year and had six months to prepare for this. I am tired of our children being treated like yesterday’s news.

I promote racial equity by believing that the only way to end generational poverty is through education. I would work to get the schools open now, and if teachers refused to come back, issue all students a voucher for an education of their choosing.

Gray: Since launching my campaign, I’ve talked about creating a Richmond that works for everyone. I believe that housing is at the heart of promoting racial equity, which is why I am advocating for the creation of a comprehensive implementation plan to follow recommendations outlined by the Partnership for Housing Affordability’s Regional Housing Framework.

Research demonstrates that residents who have a safe, affordable place to live have better health, employment, educational, and wealth-building outcomes. Housing is the foundation of everyone’s life because we all need a place to call home. Residents haven’t had equal access to housing opportunities.

Q: Do you believe Mayor Levar Stoney deserves a second term? Why or why not?

Addison: I am focused on my campaign for re-election to represent the First District on City Council. I hope that my accomplishments, leadership, and improvements to our community and neighborhoods were enough to earn their vote. We have accomplished a lot together, but there is more work to be done, and I want to continue our effort to Lead the First Forward. I have not been perfect, I have made mistakes, but I have put my best effort into serving the district and the city in this part-time elected position.