Phase one is scheduled to be done at the end of January. The park is scheduled to open in the spring.

They have been posting photos and videos on the progress of the trails on the Shepherd Mountain Bike Park Facebook page.

In phase two, which is in the planning stages right now, they hope to add 10-15 miles of cross-country trails, a connecting bridge across the lake, one to three additional downhill trails on the lake side, and bike paths connecting the cities in Arcadia Valley.

In the presentation, Correll listed off other groups that are interested in holding races and skills camps at Shepherd Mountain, gave details on why they chose this project for the mountain, and gave examples of other rural communities who invested in parks.

“Mountain biking has reinvigorated rural communities across the country,” he explained. “You have a lot of rural communities that were like us for mining, logging, whatever. They invested in mountain biking and it’s made a world of difference in their communities.”

Correll and the leaders of this project believe this park will not only impact Ironton and Arcadia Valley but the entire region.

“If we plan a little bit, cooperate a little bit, we honestly believe we could become a tourism powerhouse because we have such a vast attraction of things for people to do down here,” he said.