a motorcycle parked on the side of a road: Simple Mark 2 electric scooter image used for reference

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Simple Mark 2 electric scooter image used for reference

It is World EV Day, and Simple Energy is one of the emerging market players that are keen to make their presence felt. A boot-strapped start-up from Bengaluru, Simple Energy spearheaded by Suhas Rajkumar has been working relentlessly for a 2021 launch. Suhas, in an interaction with Express Drives, said there has been a gap in what a consumer wants and what has been given to them. There was no electric two-wheeler which addressed the pain points of long-range, fast charging, and affordable pricing and with it there was no Indian brand that had its own tech. We identified these pain points and in December 2018 we began our journey on a paper to solve this and in 2019 we assembled a small passionate team and worked towards achieving the set goals. We have three angel investors.

While we understand that the Mark 2 scooter is the focus, there are other products in the pipeline. Apart from this project, Simple Energy is also working on an all-new motorcycle. Yes, you guessed it right. It will be electric. The prototype testing should begin soon as well. Suhas feels that “India surely needs a good looking E-bike and which ticks the right boxes for the customer.” Amen to that!

Suhas explained to Express Drives about the Mark 2 electric scooter manufacturing process. The Simple Energy Mark 2 electric scooter has been discussed in detail in a previous conversation with us. Suhas says that they have earmarked a new manufacturing plant spread over 10,000sqft and the factory will be ready by March 2021. At present, the battery cells of the scooter are imported while 80-90 per cent localisation is already in place. The launch of the Mark 2 scooter will coincide with the assembly line start. The major challenge that the company is facing right now is the supply chain. Suhas says that the current situation has had an effect on the supply chain which increases the lead time in the procurement of raw material and other components.

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Every major city in India will have at least two showrooms, confirmed Suhas. He elaborates that the scooter will also have a class-leading warranty.