COTTONWOOD – With an abundance of cars, trucks, and personal vehicles, the people of Idaho County have decided that the best place to turn to with a problem is T.J. Schmidt of The Tire Guy, winner of the Best Auto Mechanic title in the 2020 Best of Idaho County competition. 

“I take a lot of pride in what I do,” said Schmidt, “I do my best in every job.”

With more than 20 years of experience in the field and many years of work in the Camas Prairie and the Palouse, Schmidt is happy to work in Idaho County.

“I was born and raised on the prairie,” he said. For seven years Schmidt worked on transmissions in Moscow, and for the last three years he has been employed with The Tire Guy. Schmidt sees Idaho County as the place to be, “I enjoy the friendly people and the farming community,” he said.

 With plenty of skill and an opportunity to provide auto repair services to people all around the Camas Prairie, Schmidt is happy to work for The Tire Guy.

“I can do pretty much everything; there’s not much that I can’t do,” he said.

Services available at the business include repairing alignment, brakes, oil, tune-ups, transmission work, suspensions and other differential services. Many different options are available for a variety of vehicle types, and the business will have most people covered.

Schmidt is no stranger to the auto industry, he said.

“I have always liked taking stuff apart to see how it works,” he said. Schmidt has been with the Tire Guy since 2017 and has plans to stay there for the foreseeable future. He added, “I see this business remaining steady; we’re definitely a needed service for the area.”

Many advantages come with the work, Schmidt said.

“I enjoy it all, really. Fixing cars is something I have always liked to do,” he said. However, there are still some difficulties. “Keeping up with new technology can be a challenge for many auto mechanics. You have to constantly keep your schooling up to keep up with the manufacturers.”

Through all these joys and challenges Schmidt remains passionate about his job.

“All in all,” said Schmidt, “I come to work because I enjoy helping people.”

The Tire Guy is located at 501 Main Street in Cottonwood, 208-962-3421. In Grangeville, the business is at 614 Pine Street, 208-983-1925. Both locations are also available at their website at