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LANSING — The signs of Michigan’s coronavirus summer were stark: empty bike shop floors, a three-fold increase in recreational vehicle rentals, stuffed trails, campgrounds and parking lots. 

Michiganders stayed closer to home this summer, trading trips to faraway places for closer, in-state destinations like state parks and lakeside towns.

It was a busy season for outdoor equipment retailers and local tourist spots, but travelers who relaxed about coronavirus rules while on the road may have contributed to COVID-19 spikes in the state.

Shemeika Barney saw the pandemic’s impact on tourism through her Lansing travel agency Exclusive Travel N More. 

Normally, summer customers are choosing cruise lines, hotels in Florida and Myrtle Beach. But international and out-of-state travel is riskier or off-limits during a pandemic.

In 2020, it’s all about the RV.

Barney estimated demand for RVs, vans and big cars tripled