REEB SQWEEB V3 | XT Build with DVO Jade X Upgrade | $5,700

I can’t help but think that I got the assignment to test REEB’s latest iteration of the SQWEEB based on my long-standing aversion to travel-adjust bikes. Visions of cluttered cockpits and unfocused performance come to mind when I think of bikes that try to solve the two-in-one conundrum. This SQWEEB, however, isn’t making any compromises with its offering of two travel settings on one chassis. In fact, at first glance, you’d be hard-pressed to realize what a broad range of customization this bike can deliver. It’s a tidy-looking bike with a custom-fabricated style.

REEB isn’t taking the standard approach of trying to do it all with one size of shock. The magic of this comes from the modular lower-shock mount. There’s one set of CNC brackets that accept a 185×50 trunnion-mounted shock for 130 millimeters of travel. Or, with a different bracket, you can run 205×60 trunnion shock, increasing the travel to 150 millimeters. The modular mounts go for $60 if you ever want to swap, plus the cost of the shock, of course. On top of all this, each of those lower-shock mounts will include two mounting positions to customize the ride characteristics even further. The forward position being a touch more linear, while the rear is more progressive. With options for coil or air in either travel setting, and the SQWEEB screams custom right out of the gate.