2020-08-26 ssl-bikeride4

Sheri Swift, left, and Brooks Davis trekked from Florida to Maine, seeing the east coast on two wheels. The two travel over 2,600 and peddled in 14 different states.

Photo courtesy of Sheri Swift

Sherri Swift and Brooks Davis got to see the east coast one slow mile at a time.

The mother-son duo rode bicycles from Key West, Florida to Portland, Maine, and Sherri is marking another event off of her bucket list.

“I turned 50 this year and riding across America was on my bucket list so what better time to do it?” she said.

Sherri wasn’t really able to train much before the trip started due to work, riding only five times in five months. The two started their ride June 4 and finished August 13, riding for 59 days with 2,614 miles completed.

“I have enjoyed watching my son grow and learn in this adventure,” Sherri said. “He T-boned a car when the driver rolled through the stop sign in Melbourne, Florida, and he has learned the rules of the road and has seen the impatience by drivers which I hope will make him a better driver. Day in, day out, we have spent side-by-side sweating and pedaling. We’ve got bumps, bruises and scrapes.”

Battling early mornings, late days, headwind, and hunger, Sherri said her son, Brooks, 13, never complained and learned to deal with the difficulties while relishing the accomplishments.

Sherri and Brooks started long rides in 2016 with Bubbafest in Florida in a 200 mile ride. They’ve gone on rides in 2017, 2018, 2019, and now the biggest in 2020.

However, this year’s ride wasn’t originally on Brooks’ radar.

“When I started planning this adventure two years ago, I had no idea my son would be joining me. As it got closer, I introduced the idea (to Brooks), and it took a while to warm up to the idea of pedaling all summer, and honestly when we started I really didn’t think he would take to it the way he did,” Sherri said.

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