A young and pregnant Dublin woman feared she would lose her baby or worse be killed when she was apparently chased by her step-brother and hit with a bike lock on a city centre street.

The girl, who wishes to remain anonymous out of fear that he will strike again, said that the violent outburst follows on from years of alleged attacks by him towards her.

The young woman’s dad and the alleged attacker’s mother have been in a relationship for almost two decades.

But the mother-to-be, who is in her early 20s and has been carrying the child for over six months, told Dublin Live that her half relation of 15 years means nothing to her following his latest alleged stunt.

She said: “I was walking past a set of flats in the city and there were two drunk people at the shops.

“One of them fell over in front of me and I got a shock. I didn’t know it was him at the time so I went over and asked him if he was okay.

“He was under the influence of drink and possibly even drugs and when he noticed it was me he grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go.

“There was a bike lock nearby and he told the person that was with him to pass it to him.

“He hit me with it and began chasing me even though he knows I’m pregnant but thankfully I was able to keep away from him.”

Luckily for her a passerby saw the assault taking place and came to the rescue, escorting the young lady away from the flats and to safety.

“He keeps threatening to kill me. He’s meant to be my ‘brother’ but has been anything but.  

“He means nothing to me and I’m sick of the way I’ve been treated in my family, it’s been going on for too long.”

Thankfully both mum and bump are still okay following the ordeal and the young girl, who is having a girl of her own, said that she and her partner can’t wait to meet their bundle of joy.

She added: “If she’s like her dad, she’s going to be a little model. I can’t wait to meet her pretty little face. It’s just the best feeling ever.”