“Excavator part wholesale for cat parts, Komatsu parts and so on”

As the demand for spare parts is becoming high, the sales industry for spare parts is more and more dramatic. This article will show you 8 best excavator spare parts wholesalers worldwide. You will also learn the future development of excavator spare parts in the future at the end.

In this article, we are going to show you the eight best suppliers of excavator spare parts that we have screened. So what are their advantages?

I: Excavator parts wholesale market

II: Top 8 Wholesale Excavator Spare Parts Suppliers/Distributors/Manufacturers

III: Future development of excavator spare parts in the future?

As we know, One Belt One Road is a development strategy involving infrastructure development and investments in 152 countries and international organizations in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, and Africa. The focus is on infrastructure investment, construction materials, railway and highway, automobile, etc.

When it comes to infrastructure investment, construction materials, railway, and highway, heavy construction equipment like excavators or bulldozers play an important role in this event. Excellent spare parts work efficiently for the machines. This is not only a challenge but presents opportunities for a lot of countries.

Given the above information, I’ll show you some best wholesale excavator spare parts distributors for Cat, Komatsu, Hyundai worldwide. You will get to know where to purchase the best spare parts at the lowest price for your own business or your excavators and budget wholesale spare parts.

Excavator parts wholesale market

As we know, we live in a world with advanced technology. Virtually most of the operations are conducted over the internet. This is why shopping excavator parts online like cat parts, Komatsu parts or Hyundai parts is no exception.

It is also a result of information on the websites on the manufacturers letting you learn what you need. In the USA for instance, 74{d93457022679712214ff8a8035fa266341f9634f2c93d5e609b1bbb089e8c446} of consumers perform their analysis on Google just before they buy excavator parts online. 59{d93457022679712214ff8a8035fa266341f9634f2c93d5e609b1bbb089e8c446} visit the websites of suppliers while 47{d93457022679712214ff8a8035fa266341f9634f2c93d5e609b1bbb089e8c446} access this info through the community forums organized by excavator parts manufacturers or wholesale excavator parts suppliers.

This has an 18.4{d93457022679712214ff8a8035fa266341f9634f2c93d5e609b1bbb089e8c446} increase in wholesale excavator spare parts online product sales from the statistics in 2019, with this kind of year’s reaching a staggering around $100 billion. Nationwide, online revenue is on the rise also. This economical year, the sales are required to rise to around $200 million.

Indeed excavator spare parts revenue, just like various other products, happen to be shifting online. Customers think more pleased buying online as opposed to purchasing the traditional approach. Some wholesale excavator spare parts distributors present consultation with their customers, from which they don’t need to worry about the technical problems of their excavators.

Top 8 Wholesale Excavator Spare PartsSuppliers/Distributors/Manufacturers

1. excavator-part.com

excavator-part.com is an international e-commerce service platform to provide a full range of excavator parts, focusing on B2B2C. It’s in partnership with more than a thousand suppliers, offering entire supply chain sales. excavator-part.com brings great convenience for those who are looking for a different type of excavator spare parts. The various choices of spare parts for their excavator that make excavator-part.com most preferable over other wholesale companies.

  • excavator-part.com offers wide range of wholesale excavator spare parts.

excavator-part.com provides 65{d93457022679712214ff8a8035fa266341f9634f2c93d5e609b1bbb089e8c446} of the entire excavator wear parts. You could find more than 20 thousand SKUs in their online store, including excavator spare parts from body parts to undercarriage parts, with engine parts, hydraulic parts, electronic parts and etc for most famous brands like Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Hyundai, Kobelco and so on. The various choices bring great convenience for those who are looking for a different type of excavator spare parts.

  • Cheap price with high quality

As we know, most excavator spare parts made of steel or iron. The metal casting parts(steel, iron) like undercarriage parts, idlers, track rollers, or sprockets cost more than other parts.  If you want to save your investment cost for your machine,  it is important for you to find the specific wholesalers. Parts produced by those country (like China) with more steel or iron development, their cost is low. Therefore, you could get a good wholesale price.

Most experienced parts buyers will not purchase their excavator parts from those unfamiliar sellers on Alibaba. They prefer to find a professional parts sales platform that has stock at any time. This will ensure the quality and delivery time. excavator-part.com goes for quality inspection for each and every product in the whole bulk. It can help the purchaser get the best quality.

You can always rely on excavator-part.com. It always has a large stock available with more than a hundred thousand SKUs. More importantly, you can buy 1 pcs at a wholesale price. So anytime if you need urgent orders you could check the goods you need are in stock, you could contact: tel/whatsapp/wechat: +86 138 2229 1425

excavator-part.com offers online assistance. If you have any technical problems, you could chat with its team online at any time. They will help you resolve the problems with their professional knowledge.

Like we said above, the raw material of excavator parts is steel, iron and etc. If the manufacturer does not have these raw materials locally, shipping from other places will incur transportation costs by 30{d93457022679712214ff8a8035fa266341f9634f2c93d5e609b1bbb089e8c446}. Therefore, choosing a supplier of excavators parts that is far from the steel mining area will increase your cost. China is the source of supply of raw materials for excavator parts and has a great advantage in price. The cost of excavator parts is much cheaper than that of foreign parts.Guangzhou Zhucun is a centralized market for China’s excavator parts wholesale. You can find spare parts for almost all brands of excavators in this parts wholesale market.

2. lmjx.net

lmjx.net comes the top 5 of the list in China’s largest wholesale market of among those excavator spare parts online stores. It is a great online shop to visit and its spare parts are at affordable prices. It focuses on not only wholesale of excavator spare parts, but used excavator trading, excavator rental, excavator maintenance. If you need more information, you could contact: tel/whatsapp/wechat: +86 138 2229 1434.

3. geith.com

With over 60 years of engineering expertise in the development of excavator attachments, Geith is a company that is well-known and appreciated for its wide and safe range of quick hitches as well as its selection of excavator buckets. The excavator attachment includes thumbs, angle tilt buckets, grading buckets, clamps, crushers, rippers and grapples.If you are looking for an excavator attachment, this will be a better choice for you.

4. itramerica.com

ITR America is an online marketing platform for purchasing high-quality aftermarket excavator spare parts. The company in partnership with the world’s leading manufacturer of service and repair parts for earthmoving equipment. ITR America mainly deals in undercarriage parts, rubber tracks, engine parts, etc.they will provide you with a wide range of excavator spare parts for your car at a suitable price.

5. maxis.co.jp

Maxis Corporation is a merger of two companies. Maxis distributes premium excavator parts nationwide. They have a huge stock of high-quality excavator spare parts in their warehouse which makes fast shipment. 

Maxis covers various brands and types of premium excavator spare parts.

6. ukconstructionparts.com

Red Plant Sales Ltd has professional research on the knowledge of construction equipment accessories. They provide a large number of complete brands and types of high-quality excavator accessories.

If you want to buy a local excavator accessory product in the UK, this will be a good choice.

7. diggerparts.co.za

diggerparts.co.za stocks a wide variety of Galion, Clark, Caterpillar, and Komatsu parts. It mainly specializes in transmission parts, gear sets, engine parts, hoses, bearings, and pumps. If you are looking for a parts company in Africa, it may be your choice. Their main market is in South Africa and some neighbor countries.

8. tmaxtractor.com

Tmaxtractor is a supplier of excavator accessories in Brazil. They are mainly engaged in the Undercarriage, Buckets, Rubber tracks, Bolts, and nuts. They provide customers with high quality, world-class service, and the most advanced excavator equipment. If you are looking for excavator spare parts, this is a good choice for you.

Future development of excavator spare parts in the future?

  • Excavator parts business is now an opportunity for the most entrepreneur

If you want to start a business but don’t have any thoughts. The development of One Belt One Road strategy means not only challenges but opportunities for most countries. Heavy-duty work was important for infrastructure construction. The demand for heavy machinery and spare parts will be higher than ever.

  • The cost-effectiveness of excavator spare parts is significant for excavator parts business.

An entire excavator is very expensive. For the long-term use of the excavator, partial damage is unavoidable. It is impossible to replace the entire excavator due to partial damage, but we can repair the damaged excavator by replacing parts. This is both convenient and cost-effective.

  • Excavators become a permanent need for humans

With the increase in the number of excavators used in the world, humans use the excavator to improve the environment, build houses and build highways, which shows that the excavator provides convenience and help for human beings and that excavators will become a permanent demand for human beings. Even if the Internet is more developed, it cannot completely replace excavators.


Like we said above, heavy machines like excavators or bulldozers are widely used nowadays. Therefore, the demand for spare parts will be higher. Given this information, the sales industry for spare parts will certainly be more and more dramatic. Choosing the right wholesalers to start your business can be now.

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