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The Ventura County Public Works Agency’s Roads and Transportation (VCPWA R&T) is celebrating the completion of both project phases of the Potrero Road Bike Lane Project with a ribbon cutting on Sept. 10 which will be attended by Supervisor Parks as well as a select few members of the project due to Covid-19 restrictions.

As a part of the project, the first phase, which was completed in December 2019, consisted of widening from the intersection of Potrero Road and Trentwood Drive northbound towards bridge #231 for 1.3 miles to create Class II bike lanes on both sides of the road. It also restriped 0.6 miles to the Thousand Oaks city limit. The second phase of construction began in May 2020 and extended the widening another 1.5 miles to Hidden Valley Road. Phase 2 widened both sides of Bridge #231 and was completed last month.

The projects have a total construction cost of $2.4 million with the majority being funded by state Active Transportation Program grants and supplemented with local funds.

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