DARIEN, CT — Twelve vehicles were burglarized in Darien during the overnight hours of Aug. 25 and 26, and 11 of them had been left unlocked, according to police. The incidents continue the recent spree of vehicle crimes in town; last month nearly a half-dozen vehicles were stolen and a reportedly few burglarized, Darien police said.

Nothing was reported missing from 10 of the vehicles, but owners discovered the break-ins when they saw that glove compartments and/or center consoles had been left open after thieves rifled through them.

Five of the break-ins occurred on Oakshade Avenue, while three of the burglaries occurred on Libby Lane. Two break-ins occurred on Stanley Road, and one break-in occurred on Hollow Tree Ridge Road, and another on Holly Lane.

About $50 in cash was taken from one of the vehicles on Libby Lane, and $20 in cash was taken from another vehicle on the same road, police said. A Leatherman tool reportedly was stolen from the vehicle on Holly Lane.

In the Hollow Tree Ridge Road case, the vehicle’s owner was awoken just after midnight by a noise in the driveway.

“He looked outside and saw two males attempting to gain access to his vehicle, which was locked,” police said. “The two males ran back to the street and got into a Jeep Cherokee that left northbound on Hollow Tree Ridge Road.”

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