a close up of a school bus in front of a mirror: Warren County Public Schools prepare for first day

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Warren County Public Schools prepare for first day

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -Bus drivers for Warren County Public Schools arrived at the transportation office Friday to pick up their buses for the first day of school.

Students who plan to ride the bus this school year will have different rules to follow due to COVID-19.

“We will load from the back of the bus as students get on board and if they are siblings they will all sit together if possible unless there are little kindergartners then we will bring them to the front of the bus. But we will keep families together because they have already been exposed to one another. If we do not have full capacity we will stagger every other seat to keep social distancing and then, of course, the expectation is that all students will wear a mask unless medically waivered,” said Chip Jenkins Director of Transportation.

Each bus will be cleaned between routes and fully wiped down at the end of the day.

“In between routes once children onboard and we load up others we have to sanitize the bus each and every time so we have a container with hand sanitizing napkins on there and cloths that we wipe the seats down with and try to keep that a sterile environment.”

Parents are asked to take their child’s temperature before getting onto their school bus. The bus will have hand sanitizer for students to use and masks on hand if your child forgets theirs.

If your child is attending school in person each bus will have a red or blue paper following the red and blue schedule as a reminder for which students will be attending school in person that day.

Meals for students will also look different on the first day. Warren County is following a hybrid red blue schedule. Lunches will follow that schedule accordingly. Students who are attending school on Monday’s and Wednesday’s will be given their meals for Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in the afternoons they are in school. Students who attend school on Tuesday and Thursday will be given their meals for Wednesday, Friday, and Monday in the afternoons they are in school.

“It may look a little different at each school based on the community eligibility program. We have 18 sites that have meals at no charge. The students that are in the schools that are no charge of course will get a meal sent home automatically. If you do belong to a school that is not receiving that federal benefit of meals at no charge then you will need to fill out what we call the red-blue schedule or the hybrid meal form and meals can also be sent home to the schools there too,” said Gina Howard, Director of Food Services and Nutrition.

Another change to meals is breakfast will be a grab and go type of service. Breakfast will be handed to students as they walk in the door. For social distancing purposes, students will either eat in a classroom, the gym, or the cafeteria.

“Most schools will receive their breakfast as they walk in the door and it will be in a bag. We will not be picking and choosing a lot of different choices but we do have a lot of our student’s favorites on our menu,” added Howard.

Virtual Academy learners will be provided their meals weekly with curbside pickup on Friday’s. Pickup times are from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM at your child’s school. If those times do not work for you, call your school and speak with the cafeteria manager to arrange a pickup time.

Warren County schools will not be handing out paper menu’s this year

“We have always had that refrigerator copy that you could have on your refrigerator to look at it to know if you are going to want to eat lunch with us. But this year we are posting them online and that is just specifically because we are making changes online along the way. We are trying to stick with our menu as much as we can but with the different situations that we are in, there are shortages. We are trying very hard to ensure that our kids get foods that they like. The menu will be posted on our website,” added Howard.

The first day for all students attending Warren County Public Schools is August 24th.

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