a car parked in a parking lot: Toyota Supra Races 66 Buick

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Toyota Supra Races 66 Buick

Does classic muscle or modern tech win?

The folks at Hoonigan have a new video series called “This or That” for setting up mismatched drag races. For this one, they get ahold of a new Toyota Supra and a 1966 Buick Special to see which one is faster.

Neither of these vehicles is stock. The Supra has a software tune that pushes the output above 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts). An eight-speed automatic gearbox sends power to the rear wheels.

Meanwhile, the Buick has a 430-cubic-inch (7.0-liter) V8 with intakes routed to the headlights. It’s also running a shot of nitrous oxide. The owner claims an output of around 400 hp. The power runs through a four-speed manual. With the skinny front tires and wide rear rubber, this muscle car is ready to drag race.

In the first race, the Buick leaves the Supra in its dust. There’s nothing the more modern machine can do to keep up.

The second run is even more decisive. An overhead view of the action shows the Buick several car lengths ahead when it crosses the finish line.

After these lackluster results for the Supra, the Hoonigan team decides that a driver change is necessary. The Toyota’s owner gives up the seat to someone with a bit more talent for drag racing.

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The switch makes a huge difference because the final race is the closest one yet. From the view inside the cars, it isn’t possible to discern the victor. The outside camera reveals that the results are a photo finish. The Buick is only the length of its front fender ahead when the two cars cross the line.

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