Seeing what the inside of a tire looks like as it rolls down the road is cool and all, but what we’re really curious about is what a tire looks like from the inside while it’s doing a burnout. Thanks to the Warped Perception YouTube channel, we get to do just that.

The channel, following up on its previous experiment, decided to stick a GoPro to the barrel of a wheel, mount a tire, and perform a burnout until something spectacular happened. The tire, secured to the rear of a Mercedes E-Class sedan, quickly begins to rip apart its tread, before eventually exploding in spectacular fashion.

The tire’s failure point just happens to be right where the GoPro is mounted, giving us a wild look at how it rips apart. The tire’s explosion is so brutal, it launches the camera’s external battery out of the hole, and cracks its plastic case. According to the host, the GoPro was also extremely hot to the touch—it’s a miracle the footage even survived.

The tire itself ends up in much worse shape; there’s a massive hole in the contact patch, chunks of tread scattered everywhere, and metal cords sticking out of the rubber.

So if you were wondering what the inside of a tire looks like when it explodes, now you know.

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