It will have been a Cat C under the old classifications. But that is no reason not to obtain a fresh MoT, insure it and put it back on the road (assuming it can be easily and cheaply recommissioned). Without an MoT and needing recommissioning, I don’t think it has any value. If you don’t want to go through all that fuss you could give it away to charity via

Shining example

You frequently recommend refusing a car salesman’s offer of ”paint protection” at anything up to £400 and instead finding someone other than the dealer who may be cheaper. My wife has just taken delivery of a new Toyota Aygo, so I set about finding such a company. The very first body shop I tried offered to sell me the necessary product as used by, for example, Audi, suggesting I do the work myself. Any thoughts? JW

If the product was Autoglym Lifeshine, then it is very good. My Fiat dealer supplied the kit to me free of charge when I bought my 500 12 years ago and I applied it myself. Depending on how much I needed to use the car, I waxed it up to three times a year using Autoglym Hi Def Wax (about £50 a tub, but it lasts for years).

Worn peace

I bought a new BMW 523i SE in 1998. The tyres at that time were Continental 225/60/R15s and whenever I have had to change I have stuck to these. I only drive about 5,000 miles a year nowadays and so haven’t needed to change my tyres for some time. When my car passed its MoT recently, I was advised that a couple of the tyres probably had less than nine months tread left on them and that I would have a problem as that size is not made any more. It was produced exclusively for my car at that time. A BMW dealership confirmed that Continental didn’t make that size any more, but they could fit alternatives from Accelera – a name I didn’t know. A local tyre firm told me that although they could get them they were a very basic tyre and would not recommend them. Any thoughts? NT